We organize waste removal and recycling

As a disposal cooperation we offer individual solutions for waste removal and recycling

LOGEX takes care of waste removal for industry, retail, trade, hospitals, hotels, medical care Units, Military installations and many more. LOGEX capitalizes and recycles all Kinds of  secondary raw materials and offers its own "Container Network" especially for small and frequently changing building sites. The "Container-Network" guarantees nationwide standardized disposal services. 

We organize

  • Use of annually trained personnel
  • Connection to scrap yards and disposal companies
  • Destruction of prototypes or sensitive materials
  • Recycling Yards: Presentation, logistics, organisation
  • Customs services
  • Transportation

For various customers and branches individual and customer specific solutions are developed and implemented.


Examples of already realised projects:    

  • Operation of in-house Collection centers including personell and Technology.
  • Return system for end-of-life products as well as treatment and recycling in specified plants (closing of materials circle)
  • Generalization of removal costs through monthly and annually fixed prices, flatrates and customized pricing (for example: area)    
  • Electronical billing procedures (EDIFACT), electronical archiving of documents (DMS), online processing or interface to SAP or similar   
  • Takeover of waste engineering, containers or personell (employees) in connection with outsourcing projects