Waste collection systems

We offer solutions for recycling of electrical appliances, oil containers or packaging

Electronic appliances

With the beginning of the ElektroG LOGEX has placed over 1,000 containers on communal transfer points for the so called EAR-System Automated processing has been built up and can be used by manufacturers as well as various nationwide System Partners in the south of Germany.


LOGEX offers solutions within the VerpackG regarding transport packaging, hazardous contents and branch solutions.

Insulation material

In the last decades many buildings were equipped with insulation materials (EPS) to lower the energy costs. At demolition, reconstruction or modernisation insulation material occurs that should be fed back to the material flow. LOGEX created a return system for those materials that guarantees an optimal recycling.

Changing construction sites

LOGEX has developed an own solution especially for building companies with small and frequently changing buildings sites  (assembly-, system-, prefab- and industral building) called the "Container-Network".

Oil containers

As partner of the GVÖ in the south of Germany LOGEX takes on empty oil containers at all gas stations and return those to a recycling process. 

Valuable waste materials

For valuable waste materials where withdrawal requirements are regulated by law, LOGEX offers solutions for return systems. Even for other Recycling materials with no regulations by law LOGEX thinks future orientated and developes return systems. The wastes of today are the raw materials of tomorrow.