Wertstoff Bader Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH 

In the more than 65 years since its foundation, the medium-sized certified family business has developed into one of the most versatile waste disposal companies in the Bavarian Oberland, with headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which now employs more than 55 people.

Recycling is still the main focus today. Flexibility, adaptability to customer needs of all industries and municipalities, cooperation with industrial recyclers, modern sorting facilities on the 15,000 square metre site, an extensive fleet of vehicles and machinery and qualified friendly staff ensure efficient recovery of valuable raw materials of all kinds.

The strength of the company lies especially in individual solutions and the smooth and reliable disposal, which mainly appeal to the trade but also to the private sector.


Baufeld-Oel GmbH

A competent and highly motivated staff offers our customers the complete range of services around waste oil. In addition to waste oil disposal, this includes the disposal of emulsions oil-water mixtures, oil sludges and workshop waste.

A decentralized fleet of vehicles, a nationwide tank storage network and our own recycling facilities guarantee fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective disposal solutions in close proximity to our customers.

Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in the waste management industry. BAUFELD offers its customers more services via a customer portal and BAUFELD ALTOEL APP to simplify communication during order acceptance and order processing.

Today, climate protection, raw material security and energy efficiency are the decisive issues. After analysis, the regenerative waste oils are recycled in the company's own refinery network and are an important raw material in the sense of a resource-saving recycling economy.

Special process know-how and specially developed and used plant technology in the refineries of our parent company PURAGLOBE enable the production of high-quality base oils, which enjoy high priority according to the European Waste Framework Directive and the German Waste Oil Ordinance. The more efficiently we process the waste oils produced in Germany, the more CO2 is saved.



Bausch GmbH

Our company is recognized as a specialist waste management company and our quality management system is also certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9002. The responsible treatment of our environment and the satisfaction of our customers are close to our hearts and determine our actions. We are prepared for the future, the way is our goal.


Bergler GmbH & Co. KG

We are a medium-sized, certified waste management company with headquarters in Weiherhammer. Our versatile range of services includes disposal, recycling, cleaning, container and commercial vehicle service as well as engine service and the purchase and sale of used vehicle parts. In addition, we have been a reliable partner for your energy supply for over 60 years.


Bogenschütz - from waste to the future

As a certified specialist waste management company, we have been a reliable partner of municipalities, companies and citizens for many years. For us, disposal means above all recycling - and thus a contribution to mastering the challenges of the future.

Bogenschütz-Entsorgung and Recycling is the central waste management company in the Zollernalbkreis district, which has been active in the field of the disposal of municipal, commercial, industrial and private waste in the districts of Zollernalb, Rottweil, Tübingen and Freudenstadt since 1965.


Böhme GmbH Wertstofferfassung

The Böhme GmbH Wertstofferfassung gets the most out for you what is in your waste! The specialist for recycling cycles in Hochfranken determines the potential for better recycling and optimised processes. For industrial or commercial waste producers, we are happy to create individual disposal concepts and implement them together with our customers. On request, we can provide you with structure, transparency and the necessary knowledge for dealing with your waste - our entsorgen.de competence and containers, too, of course. Getting interested?

More information at: www.entsorgen.de

Büchl Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH

BÜCHL is a high-performance medium-sized group of companies, which is already managed by the family in the third generation. At the locations in Ingolstadt, Stammham, Großmehring, Neuburg/Donau and Györ (Hungary) more than 500 employees develop sustainable solutions for the professional disposal and recycling of waste.


Dorr GmbH & Co. KG

For over 70 years, the Dorr group of companies from Allgäu has stood for professional waste disposal and is known as a specialist for container services, scrap metal, scrap metal, dismantling and raw material supply in southern Germany. The family business is managed in the third generation by Brita Dorr. The group - which also includes August Kutter GmbH & Co. KG in Memmingen - as a partner to industry, commerce and local authorities, provides guaranteed clean solutions.

The Dorr Group stands for quality and innovation. By tradition.


ETG Entsorgung & Transport GmbH

DU: welcome to the environment - DU: stands for making, our goal to make valuable materials. Four medium-sized companies operate under the umbrella brand “DU: willkommen in der Umwelt":

ETG Entsorgung + Transport GmbH, PET Recycling GmbH, MRG Metallrecycling-Göppingen GmbH and Fetzer Rohstoffe + Recycling GmbH.

We are logistic service providers for trade, industry, commerce, crafts and for citizens. We collect, sort, dispose and recycle waste, hazardous waste, paper, cardboard, wood, foil, scrap, metals, PET, various plastics and other recyclable materials. Various plants are used for sorting, destruction and recycling.

Our service creates added value. Everyone who works with us helps to conserve resources and not to waste them. We create raw materials and new products. Everything we do serves the environment.

“DU” = YOU: are part of the environment, your garbage is valuable!


Edelhäuser Wertstoffe GmbH

Your waste disposal company for Ansbach, Rothenburg o. d. Tauber, Neustadt Aisch - Bad Windsheim and Schwäbisch Hall.

We are your reliable partner in the fields of transport, recycling, disposal and substitute fuels.

We offer you useful information on the recycling of recyclable materials and secondary raw materials.

Our company has many years of experience in the field of recycling and disposal, from which you benefit, as a district, municipality and company.

Waste that cannot be recycled is disposed in an environmentally friendly manner. For this purpose, we operate several modern recycling and treatment plants.


J. Ehgartner GmbH

Our company was founded in 1960 by Jakob Ehgartner. Our specialist service includes 60 vehicles and approx. 130 employees at the locations in Geretsried and Forstinning.

As an owner-managed, medium-sized waste disposal company, now in its 3rd generation, we have been your partner in the service sector, waste disposal and environmental protection sector for over 50 years.

With customer-oriented container and vehicle logistics, our expertise and trained staff, we do everything we can to satisfy you with our services.

We are a qualified waste management company, certified according to § 52 KrW-/AbfG.


Eichhorn Transport- und Entsorgungs GmbH

Eichhorn in the course of time. . .

When the foundation stone was laid for today's company in the mid-1920s, not much more than one vehicle was needed. And a good idea.

The idea of transporting various goods from A to B for other people and companies. The idea of Franz Eichhorn, the resourceful entrepreneur at that time, still exists today under the management of the two managing directors Manfred and Herbert Eichhorn. Over the decades, however, we have refined them in many ways. What has remained, however, is the commitment to always offer our customers individual solutions in order to achieve best results. We achieve this with motivated, competent employees, an extensive fleet of vehicles and the willingness to always do a little more. As a reliable partner in the transport and logistics sector, we deliver bulk goods of all kinds to their destination on time and flexibly. For our customers we are on the road nationally, especially in southern and eastern Germany, internationally we serve Austrian and Czech regions. And to ensure that all goods arrive safely at all times, our drivers are regularly trained, and the trucks are thoroughly inspected, repaired and serviced in our own workshop. This guarantees safety and quality.


Gebr. Braig GmbH & Co. KG

From advice on planning to collection and recycling, we are the right partner for you when it comes to disposal.

Your disposal company for an intact and clean environment. Not only today, but also for future generations.

In order to meet this requirement, we are certified by the BfU Kassel in accordance with the Ordinance on Specialist Waste Management Companies.


Gesellschaft im Ostalbkreis für Abfallbewirtschaftung mbH

GOA, Gesellschaft im Ostalbkreis für Abfallbewirtschaftung mbH, was founded in 1992 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ostalbkreis to carry out public waste management tasks. Since 1 January 2005, the majority of the company has been in private hands. The main shareholder with 51 percent of the shares is Hörger Holding GmbH based in Sontheim/Brenz. The Ostalbkreis holds 49 percent of the shares.

The management of waste from private households includes the collection and disposal of household waste and the collection of bulky waste and scrap metal for the approximately 130,000 households assessed. In addition, there is the separate collection and environmentally compatible processing of green and biowaste as well as recyclable and problematic materials. GOA operates two disposal facilities and an excavated earth and construction waste landfill as well as 18 recycling centres on behalf of the district. In 1997 it also took over the assessment and collection of fees from the Ostalbkreis.

We also make our entire know-how available to our customers from trade and industry.


Gustav Scherrieble GmbH & Co. KG

The Scherrieble Group - Quality and innovation for over 80 years

Gustav Scherrieble is a man with vision and foresight. In 1931, despite the world economic crisis, he took the initiative and took over a small transport business. He laid the foundations for the success that his son, Hans Scherrieble, developed further. At the end of the 1960s, the company entered the field of waste disposal, recycling and secondary raw materials, and in 1987 the first sorting plant for commercial waste was put into operation in the region. In 2007, a state-of-the-art processing plant for metal composites was built. In 2011 we celebrated our 80th anniversary together with our employees.

Gunter and Rainer Scherrieble, the third generation, run the company in the 21st century on more than 50,000 square meters with about 280 employees (and a total annual volume of more than 120,000 tons).


Hämmerle Recycling GmbH

Hämmerle Recycling GmbH accepts waste from private, commercial and industrial customers. Municipal contracts in the area of DSD are also our responsibility. Demolition work is also carried out in addition to industrial dismantling and core removal.

A modern machine and vehicle park is of course available for the treatment of waste. This includes several presses for paper and plastics, plants for sorting paper and plastics, large file shredders, a scrap shear for shredding scrap, shears for separating light, precious and non-ferrous metals, and even a plant for granulating cables to reach the copper is in operation. State-of-the-art handling machines such as excavators and forklifts move the enormous quantities within the plant and then load them on. Our container service with over 10 trucks and approx. 1000 containers takes care of the collection and transport. All transports can thus be carried out quickly and cleanly.

Through continuous expansion, the company developed into one of the leading recycling companies in the region. This closes the circle and disposal from one source is guaranteed!


Hurrle Spezialtransporte GmbH

Our company was founded in 1950 by Wilhelm Hurrle in Gaggenau-Ottenau with a focus on the wood and coal trade.

In 1970 the restructuring to a specialized, environmentally oriented container service was started. In 1979 we moved, for space reasons, with 12 employees, to the industrial area “Schlotteräxt", which is conveniently situated for transport. On the 1.20 ha large company site, the recycling yard with the corresponding transshipment hall was built in 1992. Our managing partner Ferdinand Hurrle, a trained forwarding merchant, and his brother Michael Hurrle, a trained motor vehicle mechanic, continuously expanded their father's company. Since March 2019, Ingo Hurrle has also been appointed Managing Director, now in his 3rd generation running the company together with his father Ferdinand Hurrle.

The range of services was expanded to include sewer cleaning and inspection, street cleaning and the disposal of hazardous waste for industry, municipalities and private customers. In addition, we operate a master car mechanic with currently 16 employees who offers his services not only for his own fleet of vehicles. Furthermore, we build special superstructures for commercial vehicles (roll-off and skip lorries) for our partner HYVA in our master vehicle workshop.

We currently employ approx. 95 people and are a specialist waste management company and cooperation partner of the LOGEX waste management association, a member of the Association of German Pipe and Sewer Technology Companies, a member of the Federal Association of the German Waste Management Industry and a member of the Güteschutz Kanalbau e. V. (Quality Protection for Sewer Construction).


INAST Abfallbeseitigungs GmbH

Since 1973 we have been THE waste disposal specialist in the Neckar-Odenwald district, Heilbronn city and district, Main-Tauber district, Odenwald district and Rhine-Neckar district. The reputation that has grown over decades as a competent and reliable partner for private households, commercial enterprises and municipalities has now spread far beyond regional borders. Our customers appreciate both our flexibility and our ability to find tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for even the most difficult disposal problems.

At our company headquarters in Mosbach as well as at the locations Eberbach, Obrigheim, Lauda-Königshofen and Michelstadt, our specialists are at your disposal with expert advice and practical assistance.


Walter Kaspar GmbH & Co. KG

The company Kaspar is a medium-sized family business, which was founded in 1946 as a transport company for building materials and bulk goods. Since 1970 we have been active in our current field of activity, waste management. Today we are a modern company, which mainly deals with the production and supply of raw materials.

For three generations, our way of working has been based on the fundamental ideas of sustainability and innovation. With our well-trained employees and a clear organizational structure with a flat hierarchy, we have comprehensive competence in all tasks assigned to us.

We have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for over fifteen years and have been certified as a specialist waste management company for more than ten years. This ensures a high quality of our services.



KNETTENBRECH+GURDULIC is one of the leading medium-sized companies in the waste disposal and recycling industry in Germany. From the family business founded in 2001, we have developed into a medium-sized group of companies that stands for a new, responsible and future-oriented generation of industries with individual and customer-oriented waste disposal, supply and service concepts.

Good, clean and safe solutions

We offer trustworthy advice on waste law and logistical issues, work on innovative recycling methods and offer our renowned clientele of municipalities, counties, industry, service industries, trade and commerce the entire spectrum of waste management services.

We stand for good, clean and safe solutions and the effective and careful implementation of the measures. From collection, transport and separation to recycling, marketing and landfilling. Our goal and drive is a holistic and economically sensible disposal and recycling management that is continuously developed, provides our customers with valuable benefits and is based on a respectful and responsible approach to nature.

More than just disposal

In addition, KNETTENBRECH+GURDULIC is active in the areas of infrastructural facility management as well as file and data destruction and operates the landfill construction and construction site safety business segments within the group of companies. Since 2010 we have been a shareholder in ESWE BioEnergie GmbH, the operator of the biomass cogeneration plant in Wiesbaden-Biebrich.


Knittel GmbH waste disposal, city cleaning

Competence and continuity in the waste sector

As a complete disposal company we assure you - our innovative employees have the right solution for every waste problem. We are the responsible and professional partner for our customers. A large number of employees and a modern fleet of vehicles are constantly at work for you. Already in 1997 we introduced a QM system. At the same time, certification as a specialist waste management company was successfully completed. We have been operating our recycling centre and our hazardous waste interim storage facility since 1999. In addition, we have strengthened our position on the market through our cooperation with LOGEX and can thus use the advantages of a strong network and pass them on to you. All this makes us a strong partner at your side.

Responsible for more than 60 years

Since Josef and Hildegard Knittel founded the company in 1953 as a haulage company, the Werner Knittel family, now in its second generation, has stood with its name for responsible and cooperative action. Through reliability, vision, creativity and flexibility, Knittel has developed into a professional waste management company.

Responsible disposal is active environmental protection

The protection of our natural resources and the preservation of an intact environment are two important goals of our society. The topic of waste is omnipresent and deserves our special attention. Active environmental protection is based on two pillars: On the one hand the avoidance of waste and on the other hand your ecologically sensible recycling. As a waste disposal company, this issue is particularly important to us, because we know what damage improperly disposed waste can cause in nature. At the same time, we also know the potential of recycling waste into recyclables and energy cycles. Our contribution to a clean environment is the sustainable recycling of waste and professional advice on how to dispose of it correctly. From an ecological point of view, we also take care to use a modern, environmentally friendly vehicle fleet, to avoid unnecessary journeys and to keep our energy consumption as low as possible.


Kömpf Container-Dienst und Recycling GmbH & Co. KG

We are your competent partner for an ecologically responsible disposal of recyclable materials.

Since 1975, we have been your competent partner in the Calw region for all questions concerning the sorting, recycling and disposal of waste. As a specialist waste management company certified in accordance with the Waste and Recycling Management Act, we offer you professional recycling and supply of the waste entrusted to us - in accordance with the strictest ecological requirements.


Koppitz Entsorgungs-GmbH

We have been 100% committed to our performance for 3 generations! We do not want to disappoint the trust you place in us. The philosophy of our company is to make decisions that guarantee competent disposal with a great sense of responsibility. We intend to meet this responsibility in the future by making targeted investments in the latest technology and state-of-the-art waste separation plants.

With a company history dating back to 1945, we can look back on an enormous experience in disposal and recycling. This represents a core competence that is now growing continuously in the third generation and at the same time drives performance and perfectionism forward.

The steady growth of the company confirms our efforts to achieve optimum disposal and recycling with maximum economic efficiency.


KVE Kilb Vetter Entsorgung GmbH 

Our two companies "Kilb Entsorgung, Kelkheim" and "Vetters Umwelt-/Containerservice, Bad Nauheim" are now working even closer together than before. With the foundation of the new joint company "Kilb Vetter Entsorgung GmbH", our cooperation has been on a solid commercial basis since 1 July 2019. The new synergies serve the purpose of more rational and thus more efficient handling of all waste disposal services for our customers and/or their companies.

Nothing changes for you. You will continue to have your accustomed contact persons and of course the certainty of the usual quick and clean handling of all your inquiries and orders. According to our motto: "We can do a lot for you", we are looking forward to your next order.


Loacker Recycling GmbH

Loacker was already working sustainably when the word sustainability didn't even exist. Since 1876 our company has been dedicated to collecting, sorting and processing recyclable materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. As a responsible family business, we have always understood ecology, economy and social responsibility as a whole.

Loacker is your full-service provider for all waste disposal issues. We collect, sort, treat, recycle, buy and sell your recyclable materials of all kinds and dispose - the few - non-recyclable waste properly and in compliance with the law. Throughout Europe, industrial companies, the construction industry, municipalities and local collectors have relied on our competence in our five business areas for decades.

Today, the Loacker Recycling Group is present in 6 countries with 39 production sites and around 1,400 employees and is one of the leading waste management companies in Europe. The professional protection of our environment enables profitable growth and long-term economic stability. That is why our course continues to be set for growth. The fact is that increasingly scarce raw materials, increased ecological awareness and innovative environmental technologies offer the very best framework conditions for this. Our structure as a dynamic family business ensures that we will seize these opportunities.


Meindl Entsorgungsservice GmbH

In April 1952 Walburga and Michael Meindl founded the company as a one-man business. The company now has 145 employees. We also own 75 vehicles.

Meindl Entsorgungsservice GmbH is a certified waste disposal company (according to §52 KrW-/AbfG) and is one of the largest waste disposal service providers in the region.

Our clientele includes municipalities, industrial and commercial enterprises, supra-regional organizations and private clients. Our waste management company operates in the city of Regensburg and the district of Regensburg as well as in the Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria.

Due to our membership in the cooperation LOGEX we are able to carry out waste disposal contracts throughout Bavaria or Germany. Contact us or our LOGEX head office - we will be happy to advise you.


Meinhardt Städtereinigung GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1964 by Alfred Meinhardt as “Kübeldienst” (bucket service), a modern specialist waste management company has developed under the present management of Frank-Steffen Meinhardt, embodying all the characteristics of a successful company history. The medium-sized company is your competent partner and one of the leading waste management companies in the Rhine-Main region.


Umweltdienste Merkel GmbH

We have the right disposal solutions from a single source for municipalities, industry, trade and private households.

clean - natural - environmentally friendly

Our in-house facilities round off our proximity to customers in our region.

State-of-the-art special vehicles at decentrally organized company headquarters guarantee intelligent and environmentally friendly disposal solutions.


OTTO DÖRNER Entsorgungs GmbH



Pfahler Müllabfuhr GmbH

Welcome to your service company for transport and disposal.

As an owner-managed family business, the Pfahler Group attaches great importance to direct customer contact, maximum reliability and comprehensive responsibility for our services.

Our customers appreciate our conscientiousness as well as our high degree of flexibility.

Already in the third generation, we are actively engaged in waste disposal. Our dedicated team of around 50 employees offers our customers solutions for the recycling and disposal of all types of waste.

The technical processing of our waste disposal service is carried out with refuse collection vehicles, Lotus interchangeable containers, roll-off container hoists and lifting platform vehicles.


RCS Entsorgung GmbH

As a medium-sized company, we have been active in the waste disposal industry for over 40 years and want to grow together and use innovations to make a lasting difference in waste disposal and recycling. Sustainability and an environmentally friendly use of resources are the principles of our corporate philosophy. Using modern methods, we collect and process waste into secondary raw materials. Not only paper, wood and plastics, but also metals such as copper, silver and tin, flow back into the recycling cycle. This conserves nature’s reserves and protects our environment – for a green future.

Shaping the future together? - We’re on it!




ROHPROG GmbH has been a medium-sized recycling company for over 90 years. With a connection to its customers that is only maintained by owner-managed companies, ROHPROG is the valued recycling and disposal partner of companies of all sizes within Germany. With its services in the areas of raw materials trading, recycling, waste disposal and document destruction, the Munich-based company has positioned itself as the engine of waste and raw materials management.


Our portal for file and data destruction:MAMMUT data destruction

Here you will find our online shop for file and data carrier destruction in your region.



Seger Transporte GmbH & Co. KG

The company Seger Transporte GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1927 and as a family-run transport and waste disposal company in the 3rd generation with over 100 jobs is one of the most important employers in the Main-Rhön region.

The range of services includes transport, bulk materials, earthworks, filling stations, environmental services, container services and municipal waste disposal.

Since 1997, the company has been the first specialist waste management company in the Bad Kissingen district to undergo an annual external audit in order to maintain quality at a high level.


Stäblein GmbH

Stäblein GmbH can guarantee environmentally friendly and risk-free disposal at any time.

Since the company was founded in 1982, the company has demonstrated this time and again with the certificate, which is renewed annually.


Süd-Müll GmbH & Co. KG for waste transport and hazardous waste disposal

Süd-Müll GmbH & Co. KG for waste transport and hazardous waste disposal in Heßheim is part of the medium-sized, family-run WILLERSINN Group. The group consists of 16 service companies and is responsible, among other things, for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste for small and large customers in Germany and abroad.

At its headquarters in Heßheim in the Palatinate region near Frankenthal, it operates a hazardous waste interim storage facility including hazardous waste treatment with an extensive catalogue of approved waste and a class II landfill. The group also deals with innovative recycling processes for acetylene gas cylinders, the processing of plastics as well as sewage and industrial cleaning.

With approximately 650 employees at 11 locations, the WILLERSINN Group is a strong partner for customers from industry, trade and commerce as well as for municipal services. In addition, the disposal of armed forces at home and abroad, including crisis areas, is an important part of the spectrum of tasks.



Wagner Entsorgungs- und Recycling GmbH

Wagner Entsorgungs- und Recycling GmbH is a medium-sized, independent service provider in the field of waste disposal, recycling and transport.

Our 100% subsidiary company Schmidt & Wagner, Coburg also offers all disposal services in the city and district of Coburg with a focus on waste paper recycling and file and data destruction. (www.schmidt-wagner-coburg.de)

Our customers include industry, trade, municipalities and private households.

Our catchment area lies in the area of disposal and recycling in the districts of Kronach and Coburg, in the area of hazardous waste, including in the area of clinic disposal throughout northern Bavaria, and in the area of disposal logistics, mainly in southern Germany. (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt).

We are certified as a specialist waste management company in accordance with § 52 KrW-/AbfG for the areas of collecting, transporting, storing and treating waste.

At the Kronach site we operate a BimSch-approved hazardous waste interim storage facility.


Weber GmbH

Weber GmbH is one of the oldest service companies in the field of commercial and private waste disposal and a reliable partner when it comes to the provision of containers and corresponding services for waste disposal in the Ortenau district.

The Weber team currently consists of 18 experienced employees, most of whom have been with us for many years, who will be happy to advise you competently on all questions relating to waste disposal services.

Weber has a strong fleet of technologically advanced vehicles, consisting of front loaders, skip lorries and roll-off lorries. With these special vehicles, Weber meets all requirements in the diverse waste disposal sector and guarantees reliable order processing.


M. Werner GmbH + Co. Mülltransport KG

WERNER - mobile for people and the environment

The company headquarters in Goldbach coordinates - in addition to the extensive transport operations - the service locations RecyclingCentrum Werner in Goldbach and CUP-Recycling in Alzenau. All companies of the Werner Group form a comprehensive supply and disposal network and thus the basis of our versatile range of services. From individual services to comprehensive concept solutions.

The Werner Group provides its services to more than 400,000 people in private households, companies, municipalities and institutions. If you would like a partner to plan your disposal in the long term, independent and flexible and for whom terms such as operator models, service security or private-public partnership are no foreign words, then please contact us.


Lorenz Wittmann GmbH

The recycling service of the region Landshut/Lower Bavaria - WITTMANN offers you containers and roll containers for every need and resource. We design customer-oriented disposal concepts and feed the collected waste materials into a sensible recycling cycle. Our friendly service team will be happy to advise you free of charge.

Sensible & fair - that is textile recycling from WITTMANN. We are one of the largest Bavarian companies in the recycling of textiles and are continuing to expand our market share. For more than 50 years we have been a well-known specialist waste management company.


Michael Wolf OHG

A step ahead when it comes to waste disposal: Wolf Entsorgung's competence and expertise make us the ideal partner for all your waste collection, recycling and disposal needs in industry and commerce. In addition to hazardous waste disposal, container services and container hire, the certified waste management company also takes care of the documentation required by law, such as waste balances and volume flow verification. A further mainstay is the professional destruction of files in accordance with the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act - destruction level 4) in the company's own facility on the Straubing site: Michael Wolf OHG disposes of sensitive data material under the eyes of the responsible employees. But Wolf Entsorgung is not only active in the region. As a shareholder in the LOGEX cooperation, the waste specialist participates in nationwide industry solutions such as workshop and used battery disposal, and always has the right vehicle for this purpose: the fleet of vehicles equipped to the latest environmental standards not only includes front and rear loaders, but also suction vehicles for environmentally friendly sewer cleaning and special vehicles for street cleaning.


WRZ Hörger GmbH & Co. KG

We are delighted that you are taking the time to get to know us better. After all, our company has been a recognized partner in the field of municipal waste management and the disposal of industrial, commercial and industrial waste since 1970.

Quality awareness and continuous innovation have shaped the image of the company since its foundation. Our concept consists of:

·         Individual customer advice and support

·         Short distances between order acceptance and processing

·         Flexibility and speed in resource planning a fleet of vehicles with modern logistics systems and vehicles

·         Reloading stations that enable the rapid handling of recyclables and waste and their further transport

·         Sorting plant (Sontheim), which enables the recovery of recyclable materials of one type only

Supported by pioneering achievements, creativity and commitment, the company is available as a safe and competent partner for cities, districts, commercial and private customers.


Zosseder GmbH

Planning, transport and construction, disposal and recycling - Zosseder GmbH, based in Wasserburg, has developed since 1967 into a broad-based company in the construction, transport and disposal industry.

Experience, excellent know-how, great commitment and reliability distinguish Zosseder GmbH.

The list of services offered is long.

·         Civil engineering, road and canal construction,

·         Remediation of contaminated sites, demolition and dismantling, removal of asbestos

·         Recovery, disposal and recycling of valuable and waste materials

·         end-of-life vehicle recycling

·         E-scrap recycling with post-storage furnace dismantling

·         Sewer inspection, leak testing, general inspection of separators, conceptual design and

          construction of small sewage treatment plants

·         Road and oil track cleaning

·         MAN, Volvo and Renault Specialist workshop for trucks and vans with sandblasting hall, steel

          construction, paint shop, portal washing system

·         50,000 t road salt warehouse for the motorway directorate

In order to cover these diverse business fields, more than 300 employees now belong to the Zosseder family of companies. Zosseder GmbH has a high level of expertise and decades of experience in each of these business fields.

We at Zosseder rely on experts! Exclusively trained specialists such as environmental technicians, construction and surveying engineers, disposal specialists, construction and transport specialists take care of the diverse tasks of our customers.

However, Zosseder GmbH always has an eye for the big picture: specialist knowledge is brought together, synergies are used. This is how economically and ecologically sustainable solutions for our customers are created, true to our motto: “Zosseder der Oane für Ois” (Zosseder the one for everything)

We are proud of our constant workforce. Because our employees are the most important building block for us, so that we can always guarantee our customers high quality in all business areas.

In order to be well positioned for the future in terms of personnel, we train apprentices in around ten commercial and technical occupations.