As removal cooperation we are connected extensively with our removal partners

Area coverage – nationally & internationally

LOGEX partners regionally connected  

The shareholders have been active for several generations and are firmly attached to the respective region. Many years of experience and customer relations, knowledge of regional structures and authorities as well as social and entrepreneurial commitment - all these entrepreneurial activities flow into LOGEX.

The 40 shareholders are operational in the LOGEX SYSTEM, the so-called SYSTEM PARTNERS. They often have a number of branches, regional holdings and facilities or cooperate in PPP with local authorities.      


LOGEX International

For further expansion of international business activities the LOGEX SYSTEM International GmbH was founded in 2010. Since 2000 LOGEX International disposes the US military bases - meanwhile in whole of Europe. LOGEX operates recycling centers where everything gets disposed - from army vehicles to mattresses. 

Our sites within Germany:


  • Germersheim
  • Grafenwöhr
  • Kaiserslautern

Our Project-sites abroad:

  • UK: Molesworth
  • Spain: Rota; Sevilla
  • Portugal: Lajes (Azores)
  • Italy: Aviano; Livorno; Naples; Sigonella; Vicenza
  • Greece: Chania (Kreta); Larisa
  • Latvia: Riga
  • Netherlands: Schinnen
  • Liberia: Monrovia
  • Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek
  • Norway: Bodo; Brekstad; Trondheim
  • Morocco: Guelmim
  • Romania: Constanta
  • Cyprus: Limassol
  • and in Luxembourg, Djibouti, France and Austria