Facts and Figures

About containers and waste disposal vehicles

Regional strength combined with regional processing

Medium-sized companies are committed to fixed service contracts with the customers. LOGEX sales ensures the connection to headquarters. Since the foundation in 1993 LOGEX developed to the best performing, family-run and regional waste disposal company.

Facts and Figures of the complete cooperation:

  • Founded in 1993 by seven Bavarian entrepreneurs
  • Largest cooperation of medium-sized companies in Germany
  • Strong, regional disposal partners, no corporate groups
  • LOGEX SYSTEM ZENTRALE (headquarters) ca. 130 employees
  • Three administrative locations, one logistics centre
  • Almost 200 operating locations
  • 40 shareholders (LOGEX SYSTEM PARTNERS)
  • 153 permanent disposal partners
  • approx. 7,000 employees
  • approx. 3,000 special vehicles
  • over 1.5 billion € annual turnover

This development gets reflected by the number of shareholders (the LOGEX SYSTEM PARTNERS), the growth of turnover of the LOGEX SYSTEM HEADQUARTERS and the quantities of raw-materials self-marketed by LOGEX. 


With its SYSTEM PARTNERS LOGEX supplies the whole range of special containers:

  • Bins of all sizes (1.1 cbm to 7.0 cbm)
  • Skip containers of all sizes, open, closed, craneable
  • Roll-off containers 10 - 40 cbm, open and closed
  • Special waste bins (IBC, barrels, liquid-tight containers)
  • Large refuse containers (MGB) from 120 l over 240 l up to 1.100 l
  • Collection bags and BigBags as well as pallet cages
  • Recycling carrier (1.4 - 4.0 cbm), plastic boxes (500, 600, 700 l)
  • Selfpress container and coupling containers for screw compactors
  • Special containers for documents shredding (240 l - 650 l)


Extensive availability of all kinds of special vehicles:

  • Lifiting and tipping vehicles (front- and backloader)
  • Skip loader and hook lift trucks
  • Walking-floor-transporters and flatbeds
  • Lifting and tipping vehicles for organic waste removal
  • Box trucks for small volumes
  • Vehicles mit truck-mounted forklift, tail lift and lift truck
  • Suction vehicles for oil seperators, solvents and waste oil