History – Timeline

LOGEX History - certified waste specialist

Christoph Haub strengthens the LOGEX management as of May 2021. He brings 20 years of industry experience to LOGEX and is in charge of sales and the expansion of the Waste Management Business Unit. He represents LOGEX together with the managing directors Steffen Mayer and Michael Hörtkorn.

Michael Hörtkorn becomes part of the management team in June. He was born in 1966, is a graduate engineer of technical computer science and environmental protection, with over 22 years of professional experience in the waste disposal industry.

20th anniversary: LOGEX has 42 shareholders and more than 60 employees in the system headquarters.

Steffen Mayer becomes Managing Director. He was born in 1963 and holds a degree in chemical engineering. Since 1999 he has been Division Manager at LOGEX, most recently also with power of attorney.

Relocation of the LOGEX system headquarters to Joseph-Baader-Strasse.

Foundation of LOGEX SYSTEM International GmbH for the further expansion of international business activities.

Sale of LOGEX shares in Zentek and refocusing on Germany.

Markus Biersack becomes the new Managing Director of LOGEX at the beginning of 2009. He was born in 1965 and has been successful in the industry for many years.

LOGEX concludes new partner contracts for the first time since its foundation and focuses on a new, uniform corporate design.

LOGEX is certified as a specialist waste management company, which complements the long-standing DIN ISO 9000 certification.

Implementation of the ElektroG and development of an innovative logistics and processing system for e-waste.

10th anniversary. Meanwhile more than 40 shareholders in three federal states and more than 30 employees in the system headquarters.

LOGEX is awarded as the best cooperation in the field of services by the business magazine “Wirtschaftswoche".

LOGEX is one of the first companies to set up an extranet so that all partners can access all LOGEX documents online.

Peter Meißner becomes managing director, he has been with LOGEX since its foundation. He was born in 1966 and has a degree in automotive engineering.

LOGEX installs a shareholders' council, which meets continuously and supports the management.

With the Krw/AbfG entry into the marketing of waste for energy recovery; (thermal waste recovery Donautal (TAD) Ulm, waste incineration plant (MVA) Rosenheim, waste incineration plant (MVA) Ingolstadt).

License as approved rationalization cartel and commencement of operative business with approx. 10 employees.

Co-founding of the ZENTEK Gesellschaft für Kreislaufwirtschaftssysteme in Germany in order to be able to implement nationwide projects.

Foundation of LOGEX SYSTEM GmbH & Co. KG and the addition of further shareholders, for the first time also in Baden-Württemberg.

The foundation of LOGEX by 7 Bavarian waste management companies (Büchl, Böhme, Kirsch, Knittel, Meindl, Schmid, Wolf) as a reaction to the market entry of (energy) groups into the waste management market.