Partner models: LSP/LRP/LKP

Logex offers three partner models for disposal companies

LOGEX partner models    

Connected in a partnership we offer fixed contracual territories and numerous services. The term of a contract will be agreed individually. We offer the following Partner models:

  • LOGEX System partner – LSP:

As a LSP you can immediately benefit from all our offered services and use the central purchasing. All disposal requests become available instantly. Furthermore as a LSP you can take an advisory role in decisions especially regarding your customers and area. You can take part in LOGEX committees and Workshops.

Offered contracts and services by LOGEX can also be used by associated companies of the LSP.

LOGEX offers the following support services to the System Partner LSP:

  • IT service (software, account optimization, data transfer and controlling)
  • Support in processing tenders i.e. in communal areas
  • Consultant services (permits, plant construction and operation)
  • Centralized purchasing (operational Equipment, services and movable assets)
  • Further education (training classes, legal advice permitted by law and many more)
  • Use of the LOGEX jobs website

  • LOGEX Regional partner – LRP: 

As a LRP all disposal requests, offered services and central purchasing can be used immediately.

Further services are available for you as a LRP:

  • Paper trading
  • Waste stream management
  • Online system LOGEXtranet
  • Sales events
  • and many more

  • LOGEX Cooperation partner LKP: 

LOGEX will inform the LKP about all contract connected activities and offers Training where needed. The cooperation is based on a close partnership and includes:

  • Fixed contractual areas and services
  • Individually arranged contract terms and conditions