Recycling and material flow

Sustainable disposal/recycling and bundled marketing of resources

Based on the requests of the shareholders LOGEX developed to a nationwide commodity trader and therefore built the business segment raw material marketing with two departments: 

1.     Material flow management 

LOGEX markets the following raw material:   

  • Wastes for recycling / Wastes for sorting   
  • Packaging (glass, PET, foil)   
  • Biomass (scrap wood, cuttings) and organic wastes (food wastes)   
  • Electronic waste (refrigerators, IT, monitors)  


2.     Paper trade

LOGEX markets waste paper on behalf of our shareholders. Furthermore LOGEX acts as broker and supplies paper factories nationally and internationally with raw materials. As part of this activity LOGEX obeys to the terms and conditions of the bvse.

Our strongpoint are main substances but LOGEX offers a solution for special grades

LOGEX is concentrating on material flow that accumulates in big quantities at our shareholders. Through bundling of quantities, larger contingents at plants, security due to contracts and optimization of transports customer (secure amounts) and LOGEX (safe disposal routes) benefit from this service.   

LOGEX uses marketing activities and the plants of our shareholders. The shareholder Profit by accessing the aquired amounts by LOGEX, therefore recycling plants can be well utilised and capacities can be optimized. 

By using the partners plants LOGEX can recycle and process almost all wastes itself. The LOGEX SYSTEM PARTNER have a number of processing-, treatment- and recycling plants, LOGEX can access them and also act as supplier. The recycling process at LOGEX includes a comprehensive recovery and/or marketing of almost all kinds of materials. The LOGEX partners have all necessary sorting- and recovery plants to guarantee a sustaining use of ressources. The main goal is the marketing of  secundary recourses for customer advantages and a lasting substance flow. 

With the bundled competence of our partner companies LOGEX guarantees a sustainable and verifiable recovery (both materials and energy) and documentation retrievable at all times for every customer and waste remover through the portals.