1. What is the meaning of  eANV?  

eANV is an abbreviation for elektronisches AbfallNachweisVerfahren - electronic waste-records procedure.  

2. When did eANV start?  

The electronic form of documentation is mandatory since 01.04.2010. For waste removers and transporters there was a period of grace for the digital signature until 31.01.2011. BUT: The documentation has to be electronically, grace period is only valid for the digital signature.

3. Can I keep my publishing number?  

No, all numbers will be issued by ZKS. No consecutive numbers will be received in future.

4. What means ZKS?  

The ZKS (Zentrale Koordinierungsstelle) central coordination unit offers different services. It governs waste management numbers and VPS (virtual postbox). Additionally the central distribution of numbers and addresses will be handled by the ZKS.

5. When does a waste identification form eed to be signed?

The waste producer needs to sign it at the latest at the time of transfer, the transporter with the acceptance at disposal plant.

6. Which documents must be carried along for transport?  

The data of waste identification form and removal order must be taken along in the vehicle during transportation to be shown to officials on request. As there is no practical hardware support for digital documentation it seems most appropriate to meanwhile carry the documents in paper form (receipt voucher, waste ID-form)  

7. What is a receipt voucher?  

If producer or transporter could not sign digitally between 01.04.2010 and 31.01.2011 a receipt voucher needed to be carried along with the waste ID form. Parallel the carrying of  an electronic waste ID form remains inaffected from 1st April 2010. The receipt voucher remains at the processing plant.

8. What happens to the remaining waste ID forms in paper form?  

During the transition to eANV validated paper waste ID forms keep their validity to the confirmed expiration date but a copy must be taken along during transport.

9. What happens to removal orders?  

The waste treatment regulations state that removal orders can be signed in paper form by producer and transporter. At the same time the transporter is concurrently instructed to produce the removal orders electronically (since 01.04.2010). Additionally the producer receives a generated number. As the producer is not liable to register electronically the waste remover is bound to keep register as hardcopy and electronically.